Reserve the Fellowship Hall or the Kitchen

————–  Currently Under Construction ————

Heritage United Methodist Church
19931 W. Kendaville Rd Pierson MI 49339
Phone 231-937-4310


1. The undersigned adult members or organization renting any part of Heritage United Methodist Church (hereafter identified as the “Church”) agree to assume personal responsibility for the proper care and use of the rooms requested above and the conduct of those attending during the event. At least one of the undersigned will be present at all times during the event.

2. It is understood that this request is subject to approval, and no notice or publication of the event will be made until and approved copy of this application has been returned to one of the undersigned. Any use of the church’s name in any form of advertisement must be approved by the Heritage United Methodist Church’s Pastor (hereafter identified as “Pastor”) and the Heritage United Methodist Church Trustee Board (hereafter identified as “Trustees”) prior to use.

3. Parking is permitted in either of the two parking lots in the front of the Church. The Church does not provide security and is not liable for any losses or damages that may occur as the result of using our parking lot. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE is parking in the grassy areas or sidewalk permitted.

4. The front door of the Church will be unlocked prior to the event time or key access will be provided to the undersigned unless other arrangements have been made with the Trustees. The Church must be vacated by the time agreed upon this request form. If a key is provided arrangements will be made for the timely return of the key.

5. Area of use is limited to that for which permission is granted. No furnishings or equipment in the Church building may be removed from the building. Tables and chairs will be allowed to be used in the other rooms as long as they are returned to the original location and/or stowed in the storage racks provided. No tents or other outside structures allowed without prior approval from the Pastor or Trustees. The Church’s sanctuary is considered sacred and its use along with any furniture or other items contained within is not allowed without the approval of the Pastor and Trustees.

6. Any physical damage caused by accident shall be reported to the Church office within one business day, and shall be the financial responsibility of the individual or group; however, the Church shall order and supervise the replacement and/or repair.

7. The Church reserves the right to request of any group requesting use of the facility a signed hold harmless agreement and/or a certificate of insurance as evidence of current liability coverage. Your group is required to provide:

8. NO SMOKING and NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are permitted on Church grounds.

9. Musical instruments and audio/visual equipment belonging to the Church is not allowed to be used without permission of the Pastor and Trustees. An additional rental fee may be assessed for use of these items.

10. Decorations are allowed but must be approved by the Pastor or Trustees one week prior to the event. Means of securing decorations that would potentially damage Church walls or property (tacks, adhesives, nails, etc.) are not allowed. Banners, tables, decorations, floral arrangements, candles, displays, and stands for church programs have priority and may not be taken down or moved without authorization of the Pastor or Trustees.

All decorations and hanging devices are to be removed by the conclusion of the event. If there is any question the undersigned is encouraged to consult with the Pastor or Trustees prior to the event.

11. Food brought in for meals to be served to the public MUST be professionally catered and fully prepared by said professional ahead of time. The only exception is homemade cakes, pies and cookies. Small groups, community service groups and community individual functions may bring food in as a potluck, if food is to be consumed only by that group or individual.

All tableware (cups, silverware, plates, napkins, etc.), paper products, food products, and all other supplies must be brought in for your event, unless otherwise approved by the Pastor or Trustees. The undersigned are welcome to use the Church’s kitchen equipment (heat lamps, warmers, ovens) but arrangements must be made prior to the event to use any equipment.

12. All individuals and organizations using the Church are responsible for seeing that those areas of the building used (including bathrooms) are clean when they leave and are left in the same condition as they were found. Chairs and tables are to be returned to their proper places and floors are to be swept or vacuumed. Lights are to be turned off upon leaving and all doors and windows are to be locked and secured. All food must be removed unless prior arrangements have been made. Trash receptacles are to be emptied and instructions will be provided in regards to the disposal of trash.

13. Building use fees are set by the Trustee Board along with a mandatory security deposit. All fees must be paid no later than 30 days prior to the event before the event will be scheduled. If the facility is rented less than 30 days before the event the fees must be paid at registration. An inspection will be conducted by the Trustees or designee after the event and if the building is to be found to be clean and orderly condition the security deposit will be returned within 15 days. If not a written documentation will be provided to the undersigned as to why the deposit is not being returned. If there are any damages to church property an invoice will be mailed for the incurred fees. Continued and future use of these facilities is dependent on the care taken by users.

14. In consideration of the Church allowing its building to be used by the undersigned, the undersigned hereby releases, forever discharges, and agrees to hold harmless the Church, its pastor, officers, agents, employees and members from any/all liability, claims or demands for personal injury, sickness or death, as well as property damage and expenses, of any nature whatsoever which may be incurred by the undersigned that occurs while said undersigned is using the Church’s facility. The undersigned further hereby agrees to hold harmless and indemnify said Church, its pastor, officers, agents, employees and members for liability sustained by said acts of the aforementioned Church parties, including expenses incurred attendant thereto.