Wanted: Miracle

On my wall in my home office is a sign that says:  If you can’t find a Miracle, be one.  I was thinking about that when I heard of the latest school shooting in Texas.  We keep having prayer circles, and moments of silence.  We talk and we talk and we pray and we pray.  But what are we DOING to change things.

Yesterday, the local area churches sponsored a Baccalaureate service for our 2018 graduates.  As chair of the project this year, we sent out 148 invitations to this year’s senior class.  I hoped for, and planned for 50 to show up…….I expected 30.  Only 8 graduates attended.  The service was for them.  We wanted to remind them that Christ was at their side as they began their new journeys.  We wanted them to know that the churches in this area supported them and that they are covered in prayer and love. But only 8 came.  We were only able to give our gift of love and support to 8.

Where were the others?  I know some had grad parties and other commitments but I also suspect that most simply did not choose to attend.  The sad part is that most of them simply don’t know or care about what we had to offer.  I think it is apparent by the news headlines that God’s presence is very much needed in this world.  Our kids are growing up without the basics of who God is.  They may have heard about Christ, but they really don’t understand what the Good News is….for them!

Here’s where the Miracle comes in.  If ever there was a time when we needed a Miracle in our world it is now.  There needs to be a Miracle among our young people.  Is that Miracle you?  I see some step up….they start Youth Groups, they put extra effort in inviting kids to church, they teach Sunday School……but we need more!  Our kids need more!  The world needs more!

I’m not sure what the answer is, I need to spend more time in prayer.  But while I pray for an answer, I’m going to keep working.  I’m going to keep trying to connect with our young people.  I’m going to keep searching for a way to connect with them.  I’m going to keep encouraging them and their families to come to church and to hear about the Good News.  I’m going to keep at it because until God shows me His miracle……..I have to do my best to be a Miracle myself.  I may not be able to do as miraculous a job as He can, but maybe…..just maybe……..I can make a difference for one. Its a start.


Pastor Terri