Our Church

Hello, I have been the pastor at Heritage for over 5 years now. The first thing I noticed about this church was their welcoming hearts and their sense of family. This church is more than just a place to go on Sunday or a place to learn about God. Yes, we do have worship every week, and it is great. We also have Sunday School for the kids, small group experiences for our adults, we even have the occasional pot-luck (we are Methodists after all). But that sense of family is what we do best. We love each other and support each other and pray for each other. We are ‘family’. And just like family we have our odd-balls and our sourpusses (don’t ask me who they are, come find out for yourself), we also have some who are always smiling and happy. Some of our folks come often throughout the week just to pray. Our people are folks who have had and are living wonderful lives and those who have had and are living tragic ones. In short, our church family is made up of people just like you.

We have no dress code (except no inappropriate sayings on shirts and no ‘revealing’ holes). Some of us DO have favorite pews, but we WILL adapt if you happen to sit there!

If your heart is beating and you want to hear about God’s love and grace, if you are curious about Jesus’ sacrifice and what it means to you… if you want to be around positive loving people, come and check us out! You’ll find that we are people with flaws, people with troubles, people with hopes and dreams, people just like you. But we are also people who are blessed! We are family, families grow! Join us, we’ll make room for you!

-Pastor Terri